COMMENT: Why The New LG G2 Is The Ultimate Smartphone

Written by David Richards     11/10/2013 | 16:03 | Category: COMMENT

I have just spent the last week using the new LG G2 smartphone, and apart from the blistering speed, and the stunning bright display this smartphone has a lot going for it.

COMMENT: Why The New LG G2 Is The Ultimate Smartphone

It has features that really sets it apart from other Android offerings so, why it is that LG is not getting the credit it deservers for a device that leaves the iPhone looking like yesterday technology.

LG who rose to fame in Australia on the back of the phrase "life's good", their washing machines and TV's were in big demand then sales plateaued as the Company pulled back from investing in brand advertising and marketing.

Right now LG is delivering some brilliant products from curved TV's and unique sound systems to revolutionary washing machines and French door refrigerators.

The sheer effort that LG is putting in to take on arch rival Samsung is very much on show in the new LG G2 smartphone.

This is not only a very smart device, with its unique rear control button on the back as opposed to the side  it is a product that demonstrates that LG is in touch with human nature and the natural way that consumers across all categories would most likely use a smartphone.

While a lot of apps are common across Android smartphones not all of them deliver crystal clear text and easy to use layouts which are built into the G2. Reading contacts, messaging and general phone information is far superior on the G2. The way in which you can swipe or access information is also superior.

This week I actually got to like the fibreglass-style finish and what LG has done with the rear button.

Most smartphones have a power button on the side or top but LG has thrown the rule book out of the window and gone with a rear button which when you start using in everyday situations you realise that it is highly practical and a logical spot to put an on off button, as this is where your fingers rests when handling a smartphone.

Another unique feature is KnockON which eliminates the need to switch the phone on and off by the rear button. For example I have a mount in my car which at first I thought was going to be a problem with the G2 because of the rear location of the switch.
All I do now is a simple double tap of the screen and the G2 is brought to life while I am driving and because text and information is easier to read on this device it makes accessing information a lot easier.

You can also turn it off by double tapping the notification bar or an empty section of the home screen. This is impressive and practical technology that sets this smartphone apart.

Another great feature on the G2 is the built in remote app. This allowed me to transfer all of my remote control functions for my Foxtel box and several TV's at both my home and office to my G2 in seconds, I was also able to transfer air conditioning controls.
During the past 18 months LG has undergone a major restructuring, they have introduced several new products that deserve credit for their excellent design and above all robust functionality.

The G2 is not only a powerful feature rich smartphone with a big battery and stunning display screen, it's also packed with common sense design and functionality that makes it a sheer pleasure device to use.

Forget about having the latest apps they are all there, what the LG G2 has got is a wow factor because they have taken the simple things that we all use every day in a smartphone and made them better.

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And while BMW has the Ultimate Driving Machine LG through a lot of hard work and clever thing now has the Ultimate Smartphone.

PN: we do not see the phablet market where the Galaxy Note 3 competes as being a comparison device to the G2 what we are comparing the G2 to is the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 and the HTC One.