EXCLUSIVE: QuickFlix Eyes Foxtel Non-Believers

Written by Oonagh Reidy     19/02/2014 | 11:38 | Category: CONTENT & DOWNLOADS

Streaming service is eyeing Pay TV non takers

EXCLUSIVE: QuickFlix Eyes Foxtel Non-Believers
As Quickflix (QFX) announce new content deals with Disney and BBC, adding hit TV series like SHIELD and Mrs Brown's Boys, many of which are on Foxtel, it is targeting Pay TV non-subscribers, says CEO.   

It is also eyeing up other opportunities, including a possible hook up with a major telco, says CEO Stephen Langsford. 

Quickflix is currently eyeing the Foxtel market, or the approx. 74% of Aussie households that don't subscribe to Pay TV, as it adds more content and devices to its network. 

"We're seeing strong demand for streaming TV series, which accommodates 'binge viewing', where viewers watch several episodes at one sitting", says Langsford.   

But the time may also be ripe to partner up with an ISP as FetchTV did with Optus, where the service is offered as part of a telco bundle.  

ISP's have a large market with connected devices, he told CN, and are likely to be looking for more content partners.  

There is definitely an "opportunity" to partner with ISP, but Langsford wouldn't put a timeframe on it. 

QFX also has an advantage as you don't need a box, and the app is ubiquitous on devices like LG, Samsung TV's, smartphones, tablets and soon on the Xbox One.

Langsford is predicting 2014 will be a "big year for streaming and OTT TV viewing." 

Quickflix is continuing to add more content to the platform this year and is looking to other US networks, as well as in UK and Europe to acquire more content, although its CEO would not specify further. 

There will also be more device deals, with the Quickflix streaming app on Xbox One going live in the coming weeks. 

This week, it announced it would be available on the Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone and Xperia Z tablet.  

Recent user growth is attributed to the 'network effect', where the proliferation of devices now offering Quickflix app means subscribers can register more devices on the one account, allowing them get better value out of the service.