JB Hi Fi Moves To Expand Their Music NOW Service

Written by David Richards     11/12/2013 | 07:53 | Category: CONTENT & DOWNLOADS

JB Hi Fi has cut a deal with premier digital music distributor TuneCore to deliver an expanded streaming service for their highly popular Music Now operation.

JB Hi Fi Moves To Expand Their Music NOW Service
TuneCore said that JB Hi-Fi NOW has invested in their technology in an effort to deliver "better music discovery". 

The Company said that Australia is ranked 6th in music sales with an average of $22 spend per person on music, which is a better figure than US. Australia provides an excellent source for artists of TuneCore and is a rapidly growing music market.

TuneCore said that they have one of the highest revenue generating catalogue in the world and that the JB Hi Fi partnership can prove to be fruitful for both Companies. 

The US Company claims that their artist community has earned over $330 million in revenue and sold over 4 billion cumulative streams and download units since TuneCore launched in 2006.

They said that hundreds of thousands of artists have chosen TuneCore for their music distribution, from new artists to high profile performers, including: Drake, The Civil Wars, Beck, Jay-Z, Aretha Franklin, and more.