Crikey! Raiders Star Gets Huawei Tattoo

Written by Oonagh Reidy     02/04/2013 | 11:00 | Category: CONTENT & DOWNLOADS

We've heard of getting your mothers or lovers name inked but a corporate logo is another matter entirely.

Crikey! Raiders Star Gets Huawei Tattoo
But that's exactly what Canberra Raiders star, Sandor Earl, has apparently done as part of a "world first" individual sponsorship deal, worth an "undisclosed sum."

Earl added to his impressive tattoo collection with a new Huawei logo on his thigh, it was announced by Huawei yesterday, who are on a mass drive to get a foothold in the phone market both in Oz and globally.

"As part of a new individual sponsorship contract with Huawei Australia, Earl marked the first anniversary of Huawei's Raiders team sponsorship with the new full-colour tattoo - a world-first sponsorship agreement of its kind for Huawei", according to the Chinese company.

This kind of individual sponsorship is a great way for players to add value to team sponsorships like Huawei has with the Raiders.

"Huawei has shown its commitment to the Raiders, and now I'm showing my own personal commitment to Huawei," said Raiders player, Sandor Earl.

"I think the logo looks brilliant on the Raiders jersey and I think it looks even better on my leg."

Lets hope Earl never leaves the Raiders as he will have a lifelong memento of his time at Canberra, we thought to ourselves.

But then the Huawei 'tattoo' story turned out to be an April Fools joke and the 'images' of the tattoo being performed were staged.

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However, Raiders fans can match Earl's fake tattoo, and get a temporary one for free at the new Raiders 'Fan Zone' at Canberra Stadium.

The Fan Zone features a giant blow-up Viking Ship, visits from Raiders players, freebies for fans including temporary tattoos and Huawei 'fan speakers' to help the crowd cheer on the Raiders at maximum volume.

Huawei will also be giving away prize-packs at the Raiders home games throughout the season - including smartphones.