Search Me: Now, Chrome Talks To You

Written by Oonagh Reidy     16/05/2013 | 12:01 | Category: CONTENT & DOWNLOADS

They say you know you're going mad when you talk back to yourself. But now Google Chrome search will answer back when spoken to.

Search Me: Now, Chrome Talks To You

Google geeks previewed "spoken answers" on Chrome laptops and desktops at 6th annual Google I/O developer conference overnight (already available on Android, Apple mobiles) meaning you can converse with Google and ask a question like "Hey Google, will it be sunny in Sydney this weekend?" and get a spoken answer.

And its all hands-free, so no need to type the query into Google bar. You'll be able to continue the conversation and follow up with another related question. 

If you speak Polish, Turkish, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese it has added these languages to its '
Knowledge Graph', the search giant's map of real-world people, places and things" 

Google Chrome also soon have the ability to set reminders by voice.