Facebook Pinched Our Idea: Microsoft

Written by Computer Daily News      09/04/2013 | 08:51 | Category: CONTENT & DOWNLOADS

SEATTLE - Microsoft has accused Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg of stealing its idea for Facebook's launch of its Android-based Facebook Home.

Facebook Pinched Our Idea: Microsoft Microsoft said the launcher is not new, with dozens already available for Android, already including Nova, GoLauncher and Chameleon among the more popular offerings, reports Forbes.

Facebook's main idea is also not new, according to Forbes: Microsoft now claims the idea of a people-centric interface came straight out of the same book as Windows Phone.

Microsoft's head of corporate communications, Frank Shaw, put up a blog complaining that Facebook Home has all the same socially-focused features of Windows Phone. 

"I tuned into the coverage of the Facebook Home event yesterday and actually had to check my calendar a few times. Not to see if it was still April Fools Day, but to see if it was somehow still 2011," Shaw wrote.

"The content of the presentation was remarkably similar to the launch event we did for Windows Phone two years ago."