Google's Custom Voice Actions Provides Further App Interaction

Written by Martin Kovacs     04/05/2015 | 11:57 | Category: APPLICATIONS

Google is encouraging Android users to speak up, introducing custom voice actions designed to provide further interaction with apps.

GoogleThe custom voice actions provide for a range of voice commands, with users able to launch and interact with third-party apps.

The feature allows direct access to apps, which will then respond to specific voice commands, providing a more immediate route in navigating to the app function.

By way of example, users can issue a voice action like: "Ok Google, listen to NPR" or "Ok Google, show attractions near me on TripAdvisor." Other commands could include: "scan my receipt on Walmart" or "watch trailer for Inception on Flixter".

Google states it is currently piloting custom voice actions with a select group of partners, and plans to open it up more widely in the future.