Android Instant Apps Lets Users Bypass The App Store

Written by Jon Bragg     24/01/2017 | 10:19 | Category: APPLICATIONS

Google has begun testing a new feature to let users access app features without having to install them.

Android Instant Apps Lets Users Bypass The App Store
Android Instant Apps is pitched to developers as a way of letting users get a company or brand's "flagship Android experience" through links that would typically point to a mobile web page.

Instead of otherwise pointing to an app in the App Store, Instant Apps will immediately launch key features of an App, such as video playback, with "material design and smooth animations." Buzzfeed and Periscope will be among the first Android Instant Apps.

"Instant Apps lets you experience what you love about apps-fast and beautiful user interfaces, high performance, and great capabilities-with just a tap," Google said on its developer site.

Android Instant Apps will be available on a majority of Android devices, Google said.