Un-Appy With Your Telco?

Written by Oonagh Reidy     21/03/2013 | 15:22 | Category: APPLICATIONS

Look Out telcos: new app helps fight against pesky telco and their crappy coverage

Un-Appy With Your Telco?There new phone app in town, called "Phone Rights".  promising to fight against pesky telco's and their crappy coverage

Consumer group, ACCAN, unveiled the free app for iPhoen and Android, that lets mobile customers to test their reception and report bad coverage, call dropouts, and slow internet.

The ACCAN "Phone Rights" app also advice on how to resolve common phone and internet issues like bill shock, global roaming and data charges.Last year there was a 70% jump in the numbers complaining about roaming charges above $5000 according to Telecommunications Ombudsman.

You can even contact your telco or make a complaint to the Telecommunications Ombudsman (TIO) directly via the app, hailed as "the ultimate guide for customers about their rights as a phone or internet customer," by ACCAN spokeswoman Elise Davidson.

"The rules around telecommunications can be really confusing for customers and this app makes it simple for consumers to figure out how to get a problem fixed."

Mobile coverage are one of the biggest bugbears of customers in Australia Ombudsman received almost 30,000 complaints about coverage during 2011-12 - up 4% .

"If you've signed up to a contract and you're not getting the service you're paying for, it's worth making a complaint to your provider about it.