'Curb Your Enthusiasm!', 'Game of Thrones' On Quickflix "Within Hours" Of US

Written by Oonagh Reidy     16/04/2013 | 15:37 | Category: DOWNLOADS

IPTV war heats up as Quickflix enters Foxtel territory by offering direct to TV series like Game of Thrones, Girls, Big Love, and Curb Your Enthusiasm "within hours of airing overseas."

'Curb Your Enthusiasm!', 'Game of Thrones' On Quickflix

And you don't even need to be a subscriber of the Quickflix Internet TV service to stream or download a series or single episodes of HBO cult TV shows including Girls, Entourage, Big Love, and Curb Your Enthusiasm!.

Quickflix today confirmed it has entered an agreement with US content house HBO to bring TV service straight to OZ on EST - hours after they are first screened in the US.

The cult series Game of Thrones screens at 9pm on Sunday nights in the US, according to HBO website and is shown the 24 hours later on Monday at 8.30pm on Foxtel Showcase channel.

Quickflix Ceo Stephen Langsford told Smarthouse 'Game of Thrones' and other series will be shown the same as iTunes or "within the day" of being shown in the US, meaning it is putting it right up to Foxtel, who previously spruiked its exclusive 'express from US' deal with HBO.

Users have the choice to purchase an entire TV series, season or just single episodes, handy if you've missed a crucial episode, which you can stream/download to five devices.

Quickflix content service is compatible on a slew of Samsung, Panasonic smart TVs, game consoles like Xbox, laptops, iPhone, iPad, Android devices and desktop PCs including Windows 8 OS.

Another IPTV service called Ezyflix.tv due to come here next month also promised to offer similar content streaming within hours of being shown in the US, as we reported earlier today.

Langsford said Quickflix who recently ran into funding difficulties "are very pleased to be announcing this new agreement with HBO" with its "incredible stable of amazingly successful programming."

"Its a first for Quickflix, offering recent and new TV series," he told SmartHouse, adding the Aussie based online provider would like to expand its range of TV series further.

"We are delighted to be responding to consumer demand and making them easily accessible for purchase to a wide range of devices."

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