iPhone 6 Powered By Headphones?

Written by Oonagh Reidy     04/08/2011 | 16:17 | Category: INDUSTRY

Forget chargers. Apple have just registered a patent in the US which, if realised, would mean future iPhones and iPods could be charged via headphones.

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Pictured: iPhone 6 concept. Image credit: Conceptphones.com
US Patent application 20110188677, entitled "Using an Audio Cable as an Inductive Charging Coil," has been submitted by the iPhone creator to the Patent and Trademark Office, according to Apple Insider. 

 The technology entails winding an audio cable around a charging mechanism to form an inductive receiving coil, then picked up by a magnetic field to charge the device.

Usually this would mean a larger coil would be required, meaning the size of the iPhone or iPods would also increase, going against Apple's creed of smaller, thinner, lighter. 

But the three clever whizzes that developed this new concept found a way around that. 

 Here's a summary of the technology as outlined in the patent application: "This technique involves winding an audio cable for the electronic device around a charging mechanism multiple times so that one or more conductors in the audio cable form an inductive receiving coil. 

"Next, a magnetic field is created through the charging mechanism to induce a current in the inductive receiving coil. Finally, the induced current in the inductive receiving coil is used to charge a rechargeable battery for the electronic device." 

 Earlier we reported how Apple may have given the game away in relation to the iPhone 5 by applying for a separate smartphone patent here in Australia. 
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