3D World: LG Takes Fight To Another Dimension

Written by Tony Ibrahim     17/04/2012 | 00:30 | Category: INDUSTRY

LG is continuing to heavily endorse its 3D televisions by introducing a dedicated 3D content portal called '3D World.'

3D World: LG Takes Fight To Another Dimension

The new application inherits DNA from LG's original 3D Zone SmartTV application released last year and will give customers "access to an expansive selection of high quality 3D content via a "card" on the home dashboard.

The TV tailored app collates 3D content enabling users to navigate through content when they're in the mood for a 3D spectacle. 

 "3D World is a critical part of LG's long-term strategy which includes controlling more of the 3D ecosystem that CINEMA 3D owners experience," said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company.

"With the global roll-out of 3D World, LG is demonstrating its commitment to providing diverse, high quality 3D content."

The new service will be rolled out worldwide to LG Cinema 3D TVs in over 70 countries. The application will be available for Cinema 3D TVs produced in 2011 and will be enabled via 2012 models via the streamlined card system on the home dashboard.