Illegal DVD Film Racket Busted

Written by Marie Jones     05/04/2011 | 03:45 | Category: INDUSTRY

More than 10,000 DVDs, 55 DVD burners and 11 hard drives containing five terabytes of data have been seized by police in Melbourne.

Illegal DVD Film Racket Busted

The raid on an illegal backyard film racket uncovered DVDs of the Oscar winning film The King's Speech, along with copies of Battle: Los Angeles and Sanctum, as well as $6600 in cash.

The man operating the racket, estimated to have yielded $70,000 in the past 12 months, is believed to have copied the DVDs and sold them from his home in Meadow Heights, in Melbourne's north.

Earlier last month, police seized illegal copies of the film Sanctum from a market stall at Logan Central, in Queensland.

The films were on sale for $5, and included copies of Love & Other Drugs, Gulliver's Travels and Megamind, which had all recently been screened in Australian cinemas.

Alister Grierson, the Australian director of Sanctum, said after the raid: "We hope that people acknowledge that we can only make more films employing more Australians if the money made from the film goes back into the hands of the film's investors."

The penalty for copyright crimes under the Commonwealth Copyright Act are a maximum of $60,500 and/or five years in jail per offence.