Toshiba Cut Fast Movie Streaming Deal

Written by David Richards     08/05/2013 | 07:46 | Category: INDUSTRY

Toshiba, which will today roll out a new range of premium Ultrabooks and notebooks, has teamed up with US Company Rovi to launch a range of DTVs certified for DivX Plus Streaming.

Toshiba Cut Fast Movie Streaming Deal
The deal will result in Toshiba being able to deliver high-quality entertainment streaming to Ultrabooks, notebooks and their premium TV range.

DivX Plus Streaming has been developed to deliver Blu-ray Disc quality and features, including multi-language subtitles and audio tracks, a trick-play track for smooth fast-forward and rewind, chapter points for quick scene navigation, and resume playback across devices.

In addition, to help eliminate buffering or the "spinning wheel," DivX Plus Streaming includes Dynamic Resolution Scaling.
This technology delivers smooth and seamless transitions between different resolutions, Dynamic Resolution Scaling eliminates lag time so that users of the technology can get quick start times and continuous play even in low or fluctuating bandwidth environments, Rovi said.

"We are pleased to continue our relationship with Rovi and integrate DivX Plus Streaming to add to the high-quality viewing experiences that we offer," said Takahiro Uchida, deputy senior manager, TV products, Toshiba products management division. "By integrating services such as Knowhow Movies with DivX Plus Streaming and enabling entertainment experiences that are flexible, convenient, and feature rich, we are providing even greater value to our customers."

DivX Plus Streaming has been approved by most major Hollywood studios and is now being adopted by companies like Toshiba who are seeing demand for movie content across multiple devices.

Toshiba's DTVs Certified for DivX Plus Streaming with Knowhow Movies is expected to be available to consumers later this year in Australia.