iiNet, Optus + FetchTV Set To Take On Telstra T Box

Written by David Richards     16/12/2013 | 08:58 | Category: IPTV

FetchTV who has built up an audience of over 100,000 paying subscribers without any marketing is set to launch a major marketing campaign in partnership with iiNet & Optus that could slow down Telstra who are currently signing up to 1000 people a day to their T Box service.

iiNet, Optus + FetchTV Set To Take On Telstra T Box
Fetch TV who have partnered with iiNet and Optus, arch rivals to Telstra plans to double their subscriber base with the introduction of a major marketing campaign in the New Year. They also plan to launch a new low cost set top box via retailers.

Scott Lorson, CEO of FetchTV said that his subscriber growth has been strong throughout the year with Fetch TV now the clear number two Pay TV provider in Australia. 

He said that "After an extended period of investment in research and development, Fetch TV and our partners are now excited to offer the compelling TV experience that nearly three quarters of Australian households have been holding out for.  We enter the new year in a strong position, with clear growth momentum, committed partners, an enthusiastic and engaged subscriber base, and one hell of a product." 

Optus who are partnering with Fetch TV is set to take Telstra head on in the New Year by using the new FetchTV box to deliver several new services up against the T Box have been open with their intent to take on the national carrier in the content market. 

Martin Mercer, Managing Director of Optus Fixed Line Division said: "With the formation of the new Fixed Line Division at Optus, we are committed to providing our customers with great propositions and a brilliant customer experience. The partnership with Fetch TV has enabled Optus to develop a compelling service for our customers with real potential to disrupt the market.  Optus TV with Fetch is now an integral part of our bundling strategy, and will be a key driver of growth in the future."  

Also partnering with Fetch TV to take on the T Box is iiNet who has been stripping broadband business away from Telstra.

David Buckingham, Acting CEO of iiNet said: "iiNet has worked closely with the team at Fetch TV over the past few years. We are excited at the potential iiNet TV with Fetch has to generate growth, make our customers happy and help them get the most out of their Internet service."

Optus and iiNet claim that the new Fetch TV box delivers advanced aesthetic design and enhanced performance over the Telstra offering. 

It includes
-          A new user interface making the service faster, more feature rich and easier to use,
-          The integration of free-to air catch-up TV services including ABC iView and SBS on Demand
-          My Media Hub, which allows users to access content from other connected devices on their TV
-          A wealth of new content options including Disney / Disney Jnr and ESPN / ESPN 2
-          The continued growth of the Movie Rental Service, now with over 2,300 titles including the new release titles from all the major studios,
-          This month's upgrade to the mobile app, enabling viewing of content on phones and tablets.
The features of the upgraded Fetch TV App, available for iOS and Android, include the ability to view a wide selection of the subscription Entertainment channels plus movies from the Movie Box service when at home or whilst out and about, over both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G. 
 The app also allows users to set recordings from anywhere, and doubles as an in-home remote control.
 In January 2014 Fetch TV will launch of four additional channels at no extra cost and a host of new product enhancements. Details of the additional channels will be announced in the coming days.

Lorson said that current Users of the Fetch TV service are demonstrating very high levels of engagement across the full suite of features including PVR, Movie Rentals, subscription packages, companion mobile / tablet apps, YouTube, My Media Hub, and Catch Up TV. As an example, the average Fetch TV household is recording in excess of 100 TV shows each and every month. 

He said recently "We've been in a soft launch phase with no substantial marketing to date as we develop the foundations of the business and work with the ISPs to integrate the product in their processes. We're now in a wonderful position where growth is accelerating. The ISPs are bundling the product and we're set to commence marketing."