Google Snubs OZ, No Chromecast

Written by David Richards     20/03/2014 | 08:08 | Category: IPTV

Australia appears to have missed out on Chromecast and Google is not explaining why.

Google Snubs OZ, No Chromecast
After eight months and millions of sales in the USA Google has chosen to launch their new TV device that allows users to transfer online video content from a mobile device onto an HD television in Canada and eight European Countries including the UK, Australia is not on the list of Countries where the $49 device can now be purchased.  

Among the Countries where the device is now available are Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, Finland, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and Britain -- as well as in Canada. 

Google has also already opened up the platform to developers, with 3,000 already signed up to create content.

It appears that Google has had problems getting access to content in Australia leaving the market open to the likes of Fetch TV and Foxtel say analysts. 

The Chromecast device plugs into a television through an HDMI port, then communicates with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop over the Wi-Fi network. Users can then watch YouTube to feature films or Netflix content. 

Content will also vary by country. In the UK, viewers can use the device to watch programmes from the BBC, in France, they can use it for France TV Pluzz and SFR TV.

According to sources none of the Australian TV networks were prepared to work with Google other than the ABC and SBS whose content is already available on several Smart TV platforms. 

While there have been other devices to connect televisions to mobile devices before, such as Apple's Air Play, Google is betting that the simplicity of its device, its size, and price -- it sells for $49 will win over the market.

It is also proud of the way Chromecast allows users to "multitask" -- it is possible to send mails and use other applications while watching television.

"Chromecast is the easiest way to bring your favourite online movies, shows, music and more to the TV screen," said Mario Queiroz, director of product management at Google. "It should be easy for people to watch the content they want wherever they are."
According to rumours, online shopping giant Amazon will also release its own television-smartphone interface next month.

Pascal Lechevallier, the founder of What's Hot, a consultancy which specialises in new media, said the device was a great way for multi-channel networks on YouTube to be watched on the home's main television.
"History is changing, and the video offering online is going to become even larger," he predicted, stressing the importance, in time, for Google to capitalise on video ads as they are screened on television.

ng the importance, in time, for Google to capitalise on video ads as they are screened on television.