Samsung 'MeTV': Coming Soon

Written by Oonagh Reidy     18/03/2013 | 02:17 | Category: IPTV

Samsung's "amazing" new personalised TV service launching in 4 weeks time.

The service will be based on your viewing habits, recommend TV programs to watch, tell you what's on and most popular programs, Evan Manolis, Samsung Australia's Group Manager AV revealed at 2013 Astra conference on Thursday.

The service available on Samsung Smart TVs is "quite amazing" and "changes the whole TV experience," he told the attendees at the Pay TV conference at the Sydney Convention Centre.

Manolis was speaking alongside Kym Niblock, Foxtel's General Manager Emerging Platforms, at a talk entitled 'TV on Your Terms.'

However, Samsung's AV boss did admit Oz is about five years behind the US and UK in terms of Internet TV services, when you compare service from BSkyB and BBC to what's on offer locally.

However, he did say the NBN should help advance the plight of IPTV services here. Foxtel announced the ramping up of IPTV services last week by unveiling a contract free IPTV on Samung TVs, Xbox 360 and tablets.

2012 saw Smart TV penetration increase dramatically here and will grow again this year, said Manolis. 4K is also coming, "but we don't know what that means yet" he added.

TVs are getting bigger and thinner, with "more glass, less plastic" and alluded to 85" Samsung TV coming to Oz soon.

"We may be five years behind but it wont take 5 years to catch up" said Foxtel's Niblock.

"Australians want to be part of the global conversation and don't want to wait 6-8 months" to see the latest episodes shows from the US, and said Foxtel 'straight from the US' content service is going gangbusters, where the longest gap between screening in the US and OZ is 33 hour, she said.