New Pandora Feature Connects Artists And Fans

Written by Martin Kovacs     09/03/2016 | 12:41 | Category: MUSIC & VIDEO

Pandora has introduced a new feature to its service via which artists can connect with fans.

New Pandora Feature Connects Artists And FansPandora states AMPcast, which is available via its Artist Marketing Platform, "enables artists to record spontaneous audio messages on their mobile phone and target their fans who are listening to their music on Pandora".

"Whether artists are on tour or in the studio, they can use AMPcast to alert fans about local concert dates, album releases, or just to share some stories from life on the road," Pandora states.

"Artists can also include a link for fans to buy an album or tickets for their upcoming tour. It's also simple for listeners, as these messages will be served up to them while they're enjoying their favourite artist's music."

The move sees Pandora further branching out from its core internet radio service, providing further social integration.

Last year, Pandora acquired ticketing company Ticketfly, stating that the combination of the two "will solve the long-standing problem of event discovery", connecting Pandora users with events.

"AMPcast has the potential to change the odds for musicians," Tim Westergren, Pandora founder, commented.

"This powerful tool, combined with the scale and reach of Pandora, gives every talented and hard-working artist a real shot to build a career in music. Marketing and promotion for artists will never be the same."

Pandora states that AMPcast builds on its Artist Audio Messages, via which over 152 million messages have been heard by listeners in one year.