LG Offers Half Price GRAVITY

Written by Oonagh Reidy     28/02/2014 | 15:10 | Category: MUSIC & VIDEO

LG treats viewers to a 3D Box Office Bonanza

LG Offers Half Price GRAVITY
LG revamps 3D blockbusters available on LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV platform. 

To showcase the revamped smart TV platform and to the first -time 3D release of Gravity for TV, it is offering 50 percent off the price of the 3D movie via 3D World from now until 6pm on March 13.

LG has redesigned Smart World interface and expanded its catalogue of 3D box office movies titles including Man of Steel and Pacific Rim. You can search for specific 3D titles and browsing content recommendations and is significantly more user-friendly.

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The newly released Gravity 3D stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock is enlivened by the 3D experience. 

The promotion is only applicable to 3D capable TV devices.