Polaroid And Gaga Release GL10 Mobile Printer

Written by Tony Ibrahim     05/07/2011 | 00:48 | Category: DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY

Polaroid and the Haus of Gaga have teamed up to release a printer designed for printing images directly from your mobile phone.

Polaroid has released the GL10 instant mobile printer, designed to directly print images taken with your mobile phone. The company has teamed up with the Haus of Gaga's (that's right, Lady Gaga) to produce a mobile solution to today's consumer printing needs.

The GL10 is introduced under the Gaga's new Polaroid Grey Label Line and is stated to be "an ideal gift for the person who has everything." Gaga assumes the role of Creative director and believes photos should inspire us, merging traditional photo perspectives with the innovations brought around by modern technology.

With its petit size and ZINK (Zero Ink) Technology, the GL10 can print images sized at 3 x 4" framed by Polaroids classic white border.

"Every day, digital photos capture, memorialize and shape our lives - but they are not given the chance to inspire us because they die on cell phones or digital cameras" Lady Gaga said.

"I created the GL10 because everyone loves to take photos with their mobile phones - and the next evolution is to combine digital images with instant photography, bringing photos to life in vibrant colours that you can share, from the palm of your hand."

The GL10 can print photos wirelessly to mobile devices through Bluetooth, or from a PC and Mac via USB. Photos are printed within a minute and uses ZINK's second-generation thermal technology to deliver "photo-lab quality prints that emerge fully developed and protected by a smudge-proof, water-resistant coating".

ZINK's patented technology uses heat to activate crystal embedded paper. This technology substitutes the cost of ink with the cost of Zink's paper, with the added advantage of size and portability.

The GL10 will be released in July and costs $199.95 from authorised Polaroid resellers. A pack of 30 ZINK® GL10 photo paper will cost $29.95.