Nikon's New Macro Lens Captures Up-Close Detail

Written by Tony Ibrahim     12/07/2011 | 05:03 | Category: DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY

Nikon has announced a new competitively priced and lightweight macro lens capable of capturing detailed intimate photos.

Nikon's New Macro Lens Captures Up-Close Detail

Refreshingly light, this new lens weighs roughly nine ounces and is extremely compact, having a focal length of 60mm. Ideal for close up photography, the NIKKOR 40mm has a minimum focus distance of just 6.4 inches, allowing users to capture extreme close ups and very detailed HD video with a life size 1:1 reproduction ratio.

With a large f/2.8 aperture, the NIKKOR 40mm is ideal for catching intimate photos of nature's insects and flowers, or even medium portrait shots characterised by a professional bokeh.
Nikon's exclusive Silent Wave Motor technology allows for a quick and silent autofocus giving photo-enthusiasts the opportunity to get up-close and personal with their subject, without frightening it off.

The secret behind this lens is Nikon's Close Range Correction System where each lens moves independently to help achieve critical focus. Nikon's Super Integrated Coatings reduce instances of lens flare and ghosting, while its seven blade diaphragm creating a naturalistic out of focus component.

The 40mm lens will be available from Nikon stockists from the 25th of August at a RRP $449.

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