Direct Wireless Transfer For Pics/Vids

Written by Mike Wheeler     02/06/2008 | 03:40 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Nikon's my Picturetown service is a smart photo storage and sharing site available in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia.

Direct Wireless Transfer For Pics/Vids

My Picturetown is said to offer users new ways to enjoy digital images "anytime, anywhere" by organically linking digital cameras, the Internet and computers.

From easy organisation to Wi-Fi upload, my Picturetown allows users to search pictures effectively, share pictures through email notifications, and post URLs of photos to blogs and social networking services.

Photos can be sent to my Picturetown with Wi-Fi enabled COOLPIX cameras. With a touch of a button, users can share photos with friends and family almost instantly.

Besides its photo sharing functionality, my Picturetown also provides photo and video storage through direct wireless transfer from a Wi-Fi COOLPIX camera. Users do not have to remove and insert SD memory cards, minimising the risk of losing existing photos, while freeing up storage space on memory cards.

This new service allows storage of large volumes of pictures with two types of memberships - a free account providing 2GB of storage capacity, and a Gold account providing 20GB for a monthly fee. At launch, Gold Accounts storage will be available free for a limited trial period.