Lumix Lens Maker Leica Releases Smallest Full-Frame Digicam

Written by Matthew Lentini     22/06/2011 | 07:14 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Leica, the company behind the lenses on Panasonic's top Lumix compact digital cameras, has come out with its own new camera and lens for the serious photographer.

Lumix Lens Maker Leica Releases Smallest Full-Frame Digicam

Sporting a similar build to the nostalgic, retro cam chassis of the Fujifilm X100, the Leica M9-P is a compact but full-frame 18 megapixel camera with a 24 x 36mm sensor. It follows in the vein of the Leica M9 digital camera.

Leica touts this new model as the world's smallest, full-frame digital camera system, and will sit at nearly $8,000 in the States when it is released. A niche camera for the pro-photographer, if there ever was one.

It features a minimalist style that only holds the essentials for the professional photographer, and there are a range of additives beyond just the rangefinder. One feature is a 'soft release' mode that makes the shutter release button extra sensitive for when you need steady hands on a long-exposure shot.

The 18 megapixel image sensor is designed to give purists peace of mind, with the sensor capturing the full 35mm film format without compromise.

Leica has also released a lens that also sits in the high price range for its M-series of rangefinder cams, the Super-Elmar-M 21mm f/3.4 ASPH.

This ultra-light, two inch long wide-angle lens has a minimum focus distance of .7m and is constructed with eight lenses in seven groups. Leica claims that the lens is ideal for superior contrast at maximum aperture.

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