CONFIRMED: HP, Fuji, Canon Give Retailers The Slip Via Direct-Sale Show

Written by Oonagh Reidy     26/10/2011 | 04:17 | Category: INDUSTRY

Vendors are getting the picture with Digital Show 2012 hitting Melbourne next year, as predicted by SmartHouse last week. The show which will include hardware from HP, Canon, Pentax, Fuji, Nikon and Epson will take on retailers directly by selling goods from the show floor to consumers.

Apple and Samsung have been asked to have a retail presence at the event, penned in for May 25th to 27th May 2012, which could leave retailers with a sour taste as the new show is effectively invading retail terrritory of sellers.

And it appears the brands are prepared for a backlash: "Yes, I suspect that if brands do decide to sell on the show floor they will get a call from the likes of Harvey Norman management. We are not going to tell the brands what to do, this is what a retailer would do," executive director of Photo Imaging Council of Australia, Paul Curtis, told SmartHouse last week.

President of the Council, Dave Marshall, has also just hired executive search company, VMG, to search for a new general manager for the Digital Show.

And now it appears, Exec Director Paul Curtis, is retiring from his post, after having blasted the perceived failure of last year's PMA and citing a "major change in direction" was needed.

The new general manager will work with Curtis on the new look Digital Show taking place at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre in May 2012.

"The position will appeal to a self-motivated entrepreneurial type of person that can see the huge potential growth for the imaging and digital industry," said Marshall.

The retainer for the right applicant will be around $150,000 plus incentive schemes.

The successful applicant, after some on-job familiarisation, will need to sell floor space to potential exhibitors across a wide range of digital technology companies, manage event contractors and venue bookings, organise advertising, produce PR information for trade and mass media and be able to act as industry spokesman on related issues.

The successful applicant will be retained on a consultancy basis and have limited time available for other clients for a part of the year.

The consultancy potential exists to also take the Executive Director role with the industry association which requires government lobbying knowledge and the ability to foster creative ideas.