Sony Camera Eligible For "Performance Improvement"

Written by Tony Ibrahim     26/09/2011 | 02:05 | Category: INDUSTRY

Sony has devised a fix for its NEX-5N's annoying clicking sound.

Sony Camera Eligible For


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Sony's NEX-5N camera is a 16.1MP shooter capable of HD 1080p video at 60fps, and yet although the specs are newsworthy, they're not the first thing touted when it pops into conversation.

When panning, or moving, the NEX-5N makes a plaguing clicking noise, tainting its video recording capabilities. At first Sony wasn't sure what caused the annoying sound, unaware if it was a design fault, production issue or limited to a batch of cameras.

After few weeks and some vocal cam enthusiasts, it became obvious the issue wasn't limited to just a few cameras, and so Sony went back to the drawing board to figure it out. Two weeks later they found a fix.

Sony haven't revealed what caused the fault in the first place, but do say camera's still under warranty are eligible for a "performance improvement." Lets hope so, considering the NEX 5N retails for $899.

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