Zero-Click Photo Uploading From HP

Written by Manisha Kanetkar     30/04/2007 | 03:41 | Category: SOFTWARE

New software from HP's photography arm Snapfish claims to automatically upload your digital photos online as soon as your camera or memory card is connected to your PC.

Zero-Click Photo Uploading From HP

The 'zero-click' photo transfer process, aka Snapfish PictureMover, is a downloadable desktop client that remains alert in the PC system tray. When your camera or memory card reader is connected, the software will upload your photos to your computer and Snapfish account.

Snapfish is essentially an online photo sharing site, which allows you to upload all your digital photos for free, as long as you purchase prints through the site at least once a year. The cost of prints is 19c per photo.

"For typical users, Snapfish PictureMover eliminates at least 11 steps from the photo transfer process, bypassing the standard upload method and saving valuable time," says Snapfish's Verity Batchelder.

The PictureMover software can be downloaded for free from the Snapfish website.