Instant Photo Albums

Written by Manisha Kanetkar     23/05/2006 | 05:05 | Category: SOFTWARE

It's always exciting to come back from holidays with hundreds of photos you can't wait to print out and put into an album - of course, six months later, they're usually still sitting on your computer.

Instant Photo Albums

If this situation sounds familiar to you, Whitech Software has come up with a possible solution in the form of instant photo albums.

Whitech says customers can now create photo albums in only a few minutes by using its Photo.Teller kiosks in stores or its Home Ordering service online.
The process is as follows: use the photo kiosk screen at a store (or its online equivalent) to choose your album size and cover. Then select the type of page background or theme. Next, select images to add to the album and the images for prominent positions throughout the album. Photo.Teller then adds all the selected photos to each page of the album automatically. The retailer then prints and binds the album for you.

Whitech Software Solutions' Steve Delnawaz said, "Consumers now have the opportunity to make their own albums and utilise creative backgrounds using our kiosks in stores or from the comfort of their own homes using our online ordering software, Home Ordering. The whole process is automated, which gives the customer a quick yet satisfying experience and the result is an attractive, bound album of their favourite photos, ready to share with friends and family."

Prices start from $20 for a pocket album, $35 for a medium album and $55 for a large album. Themed albums, such as calendars and baby books are also available.

You can find Photo.Teller kiosks in local photo shops, pharmacies and newsagencies.

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