Apple Releases Aperture Update

Written by Caroline Warnes     26/09/2006 | 03:01 | Category: SOFTWARE

Apple has released a major update to its all-in-one post production tool for photographers, Aperture 1.5.

Apple Releases Aperture Update

The new version offers a new open library, integration with the iLife '06 suite of digital lifestyle applications and the iWork '06 productivity tools, XMP metadata support, new adjustment tools and an export API so the workflow can be extended to third-party applications and services.

The open library system allows you to store RAW, JPEG and TIFF images either in the Aperture library or in other disk locations, including external drives and CDs.

The software can also create high-resolution previews of images so you can create slideshows and manage your images, even when the main images are offline. This means the originals can be stored safely in one location while a preview version is taken on the road.

Integration with iLife '06 and iWork '07 means photographers can create complete Web sites, create slide presentations and DVD slideshows using JPEG images from the Aperture photo library. The software also syncs with iTunes 7.

There is a host of other updates, with more information available at

Aperture 1.5 is now supported across the full line of Mac computers. The RRP of the software is $449.