New Fujifilm X100 Firmware Makes Global Debut In Oz

Written by Matthew Lentini     24/06/2011 | 05:20 | Category: SOFTWARE

Complaints can go a long way, with Fujifilm showcasing its X100 large-sensor, compact rangefinder camera with updated firmware that addresses reviewer criticisms of some of its features.

The anticipated software upgrade is set to be available at 3PM today from Fujifilm's global website, but cameras installed with the upgrade made their first global appearance this morning at the PMA Imaging Expo in Sydney.

The update includes changes to the interface, a few controls and fixes an issue users have had with the slow zoom/focus of the fixed lens.

While the X100 originally lacked ring sensitivity on its short zoom range (more focus rather than zoom), the camera will now zoom in and out at a speed that corresponds with the speed of your twist of the ring. For quick adjustments in or out, users can now spin the ring quickly. On the other hand, the fine touch can be added by users twisting slowly - so those who liked the original functionality and those who wanted a tweak are both given a solution.

There are also menu tweaks like labels that appear on-screen when switching between modes and settings, fixed settings for macro/ISO/DR/Self-timer/Flash while cycling through exposure mode, power state and review mode, fixed autofocus size when switching settings and other updates to that ilk.

The Fujifilm X100, which has been compared in some regards (especially in its retro design) to Leica cameras that sell way beyond its selling point, runs for $1299 at retail. The upgrade for existing owners will be available from 3PM today on Fujifilm's global site.