Nikon Introduces New Nikon D5 Firmware

Written by Martin Kovacs     24/06/2016 | 14:17 | Category: STILL CAMERAS

New firmware for the Nikon D5 is designed to expand the DSLR's functions and boost its performance.

Nikon Introduces New Nikon D5 FirmwareNikon advises that four key upgrades are introduced in the firmware update, C: Ver. 1.10, for its latest FX-format flagship DSLR, which focuses on advancing the camera's shooting capabilities.

The upgrades include 9-point dynamic-area autofocus AF-area mode added for selective focusing on a limited portion of a moving subject, delivering photographers "extra efficiency when focusing on a more specific portion of a moving subject".

Extension of maximum movie recording time, including 4K UHD movies, means that up to 29 minutes 59 seconds-length movies "can now be recorded at all movie quality and frame size/frame rate settings".

Flicker reduction for still images has been introduced for more stable exposure, even under lighting that flickers.

"When the function is enabled, the camera detects the peak brightness as light flickers, and automatically times the shutter release with these peaks for stable exposure and colour reproduction characteristics," Nikon states.

"This function is effective when continuous shooting is used with indoor sporting events and other similar conditions captured at fast shutter speeds."

Nikon states that the firmware's electronic vibration reduction function, effective with hand-held recording, for HD and full-HD movie recording "reduces the effects of camera shake with hand-held recording of movies in the FX or DX-based movie formats (image areas)".

"The effects of camera shake in three directions, vertical (up and down), horizontal (left and right) and rotational (around the centre of the lens) are reduced," Nikon states.

Further information can be found here.