Contour, Military-Grade Action Cams For The Every Man

Written by Tony Ibrahim     28/02/2013 | 23:38 | Category: STILL CAMERAS

Contour's action cams are designed by lovers of extreme sports, for lovers of extreme sports.

Contour's action cameras are popular because they're designed by enthusiasts of action sports. The company was formed in 2004 by two university students in Seattle who were avid skiers looking chronicle their adventures. They realised the clear need for quality action cams and their passion for extreme sports helped them develop the first and most thorough offerings yet.

Contour's aluminium body make them bullet proof and is the main choice of Law enforcement and the Military around the world

Compared to the action cameras currently available, Contour's are distinguished by their design. Their pistol form helps them lay flat against surfaces, the likes of a surfboard, bicycle frame or helmet. Even with gloves on, they're easy to operate thanks to a slide-to-engage recording button. An on-board laser is used to help gauge the camera angle along with a 270 degree  rotating lens. We're grateful for these inclusions because we can't think of anything more frustrating than realising magic just happened and all you have to show for it is a recording of the sky.

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Contour's Roam2 would satisfy most enthusiast needs. It comes in four vibrant colours—black, Contour green, electric blue and bright red—and is waterproof to one metre right out of the box. Not needing a case for shallow water sports makes it easier to mount and eliminates the possibility of the lens fogging up.

Even the introductory Roam2 is rich in camera quality. Videos are recorded in a variety of resolutions, including Full HD (1920x1080@30fps), Tall HD (1280x960@30fps) and Action HD (1280x720@ 60 or 30 fps). Still photos are captured at 5MP and, when Photo Mode is enabled, photos will be snapped at a nominated per-second interval. 

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Sitting as the company's flagship is the Contour+2. In addition to supporting the Roam2's resolution, it offers slow motion recording (854x480@120/100, 60/50, or 30/25fps) and a more detailed Photo Mode. Keen photographers will also appreciate the option of tailoring white balance, contrast, sharpness, exposure and metering for that perfect shot.

The Contour+2's water  resistant body is ready for a rainy bike-ride and it comes with Contour's Waterproof case for more extreme expeditions. With the case armed, the Contour+2 can traverse waters up to 60 metres deep.

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It also has a rich connectivity suite. Through bluetooth the Contour+2 can stream real time footage to your Android or iOS smartphone, empowering the user to remotely start or stop recording, change video settings and even picture resolution out in the field without a laptop in sight . It's also one of the only action cameras to feature in-built GPS, using the technology to record your speed, elevation, distance and location on Google Earth maps. 

After a day of hard yakka, head home and boot up Contour's Storyteller software. Storyteller takes the hassle out of importing your footage, displays your GPS data, manages camera settings and uploads your favourite clips to your social networks.

One of Contour's Roam cameras was hit by V8 Driver James Courtney during a thrilling drift. You'd think after absorbing the brunt of a Walkinshaw HSV GTS it would be RIP camera, but the Contour cam continued to work fine.

Contour offers a range of over 30 mounts and mount-packs that will allow you to use both the Roam2 and the Contour+2 camera in any application you can think of.

Countour's Roam2 and +2 cameras are available now from retailers for $269.99 and $549.99 respectively.