Samsung Galaxy Camera Gets Mystery Software Upgrade

Written by David Richards     15/04/2013 | 08:32 | Category: STILL CAMERAS

Australian owners of Samsung's Android-powered Galaxy Camera have got a mystery 180MB upgrade but no one is saying what was in the upgrade or what it was for.

Samsung Galaxy Camera Gets Mystery Software Upgrade
The Galaxy Camera runs Android 4.1.2 but the upgrade that I downloaded today appears to be more about the camera functions than the OS. 

I suspect that Samsung has rolled out new software capability for the camera functions including faster processing and additional camera functions however this was not clear when I rebooted the system as the only message was "Firmware being updated please wait". 

Samsung claims that the camera software from its new flagship handset would be making its way to a number of its other devices. 

Australian users who have purchased a Samsung Galaxy Camera can now access the over-the-air download by going into the Settings menu on their devices and checking for software updates.

Calls to Camerahouse who sell the Samsung camera were met with "We have no knowledge of any upgrade you will have to call Samsung".