Kingston CompactFlash Card Hits 8GB

Written by Rob Gillam     20/06/2006 | 07:32 | Category: STORAGE

Kingston Technology's range of CompactFlash Elite Pro cards now includes an 8GB Type 1 version, the massive capacity being an ideal storage choice for imaging professionals and tech tragics who simply must have the biggest and best.

Kingston CompactFlash Card Hits 8GB

Those who find the 8GB card's $690 price-tag too steep can consider other sizes, including 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB CompactFlash cards.

Kingston says the  8GB card enhances the performance of power-hungry imaging applications used by both advanced amateur and professional photographers and that when used in conjunction with matching high performance digital devices it provides ultra-fast transfer times with read speeds up to 8MB/sec. and write speeds up to 6.75MB/sec.

"The new 8GB CF Elite Pro card will allow photographers to capture more images on a single card and better manage their workflow," said Kingston's Marites Bairstow.

It comes with a lifetime warranty and full-time technical support.