Samsung Announce Stunning 20.3MP Compact Camera

Written by Tony Ibrahim     02/09/2011 | 02:07 | Category: STORAGE

Samsung has revealed a compact 20.3 megapixel camera that is capable of autofocussing within 100 milliseconds. The high performance NX200 camera is made all the more impressive by its stunning profile, reiterating Samsung's desig- meets-performance philosophy.

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Samsung NX200
The camera's 20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor has been developed in-house by Samsung and delivers incredibly detailed images. It's no slacker either, with fast boot technology credited for its 100 millisecond advanced autofocus speed, and can shoot 7 frames per second continuously.

With rapid response time and image precision the technology in this camera is geared towards still images of rapidly moving objects and life-like colour, even in environments crippled by poor lighting.

The camera's wide range ISO helps to capture vibrant colour, ranging from 100-12,800 ISO, and covering seven steps.

If the photo you've captured isn't to your liking, the NX200 can take another photo within 400 milliseconds: that's 2.5 shots per second.

This high speed approach to capturing images is evident in its video capabilities, delivering Full HD (1920 x 1080) videos with stereo sound.

 "With the NX range we have pioneered the compact system camera that allows any user to get the results that they've always wanted from their pictures without having to manage complicated controls or carry heavy, clunky equipment," said Myoung Sup Han, Samsung's VP and Head of the Digital Imaging Business.

"With technology like this built into a stylish and compact body, the NX200 is the ultimate tool for achieving professional quality in a compact camera.


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Although a great tool for photo enthusiasts, the NX200 does have a few nifty features that help amateur photographers exercise experienced creativity. There's ten different smart filter effects and magic frame technology that give help endow images with that elusive X factor.

"The NX200 represents Samsung's continued commitment to leading the way in making cutting-edge technology fit the needs and knowledge of the consumer, proving technology does not need to be complicated to deliver great results, every time."   

Captured images can be reviews on its 3" VGA AMOLES display, and navigation is simplified through hot keys that jump easily between functions.

Samsung's NX200 was announced at the IFA exhibition in Berlin, and information on when this cam will hit Australian shores hasn't been made available-yet.