Fujifilm Launches 2GB xD-Picture Card

Written by Manisha Kanetkar     24/08/2006 | 07:16 | Category: STORAGE

Fujifilm has launched a 2GB version of its compact xD-Picture Card first released in 2002. This new card offers double the storage capacity of the current highest capacity xD-Picture Cards.

Fujifilm Launches 2GB xD-Picture Card

The company says the xD-Picture Card TypeM M2GB is based on the high-density MLC (Multi Level Cell) memory technology, making it possible to pack 2GB of capacity in a compact (20mm x 25mm x 1.7mm) card.

"Digital camera features such as higher megapixel counts, longer battery life and continuous shooting all make specific demands on the storage capacity of a media card. The increased storage capacity of the new card now gives users the freedom to take more photos, without having to resort to deleting or downloading images to free up space on the card," said Fujifilm's Matt Dole.

The xD-Picture Card Type M M2GB Card will be available in Australia from October 2006.  It will be compatible with models of Fujifilm digital cameras released from now on.

See: www.fujifilm.com.au