$299 Toshiba Camcorder Makes A Splash

Written by Mendelson Tiu     29/10/2010 | 00:37 | Category name i.e.VIDEO CAMERAS

Summer is almost here and wouldn't it be nice if you have a video camera that can take images underwater? Toshiba's Camileo BW10 is one of the few pocket-sized video cameras in the market that is waterproof, allowing you to bring it to the poolside or the beach without having second thoughts.

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The first thing users will notice about this camcorder is the size and build - it fits comfortably in the hand and is made of tough plastic. The control buttons as well as the 2-inch LCD monitor are all located up front, making it easy to operate on land or under water.

In terms of accessories, the BW10 comes with a strap, a carry pouch, and a USB cable for charging and transferring data to a PC. There is no memory card and video cable included in the package, which means that you have to buy an SD or SDXC card to store photos and videos as well as the HDMI cable to fully enjoy what the product has to offer.

Simple is the word to describe our overall experience with this pocket camcorder. As soon as you press the power button, the screen will show you how many photos you can take and the recording time remaining. In order to take a photo or shoot video, all we needed to do was to press the corresponding button for the function. The five-way navigation pad allows for easy photo resolution and movie quality adjustment, screen view and zoom (up to 10x digital).

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Despite its small size, the BW10 can take 5-megapixel images and Full HD video (1920 x 1080p). Using the camera on a sunny day, images taken on the camcorder were on par with mobile phone cameras. Full HD videos were nothing special, with some objects looking washed out and lacking detail. The camcorder struggled most when there isn't enough light, so users should avoid using it in dim rooms or at night.

The Menu is limited and does not offer advanced functions. You can only turn the LED light on/off, adjust the face detection setting, set the clock, choose the TV format and format the memory card. Users who are looking for a pocket camcorder with advanced settings should definitely look elsewhere.

Overall, the Toshiba Camileo is a good camcorder for family members who just want to take photos and videos on the beach. It is very easy to use and will help you enjoy your swim throughout the summer. It is available now for $299. 

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Pros & Cons


Construction; Waterproof; Ease of use; Well-labelled buttons; 1080p recording; Compatible with SDXC cards


Lacks advanced settings; Using 10x digital zoom in video mode produces shaky footage; No video cable and AC charger included with the package