Shoot! Toshiba X400 HD Camcorder $349

Written by Oonagh Reidy     14/12/2011 | 04:56 | Category: VIDEO CAMERAS

Get HD video for a tiny price. Toshiba's new Camileo X400, which comes with a 3-inch LCD touch screen, 5 MP CMOS sensor (up to 16MP photos) and 23x optical zoom (120x digital).

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Camileo also has a dedicated pause button that makes it possible to pause the recording and to continue with a different scene within the same clip.

The Toshiba camera also has built-in microphone jack for decent quality audio sound, back side illumination technology (BSI) which increases the sensor's light sensitivity, and capture footage whether its day or night and even in an artificial lighting environment.

It also has HDMI cable to connect directly to TV's and USB connection.

It also has a handy web upload function, making video easy as pie to add to Facebook or YouTube.

"With the new Camileo X400 the technology does all the hard work. Packed with intelligent features like face tracking and smile detection, a built-in microphone jack for improved audio quality and Cut 'n' Save video editing capabilities, it's incredibly easy to use", said Rob Wilkinson, General Manager Information Systems Division, Toshiba Australia.

"Whether you're a budding filmmaker or a complete beginner when it comes to shooting video, anyone can create stunning quality footage. " Mr Wilkinson said.

Here's a list of the specs of Camileo X400:

·    1080p Full HD video resolution

·    Digital H.264 HD video camcorder

·    BSI sensor technology

·    3.0" (7.6 cm) 16:9 touch screen
·    Zoom: 23x optical / 120x digital

·    Electronic Image Stabiliser (EIS)

·    HDMI and USB connection

·    Microphone slot

·    Pause button
·    Face tracking / smile detection

·    Motion detection / slow motion

·    Snapshot during video recording

·    Video editing function (Cut 'n' Save)

·    CAMILEO Uploader