Canon Pushes 4K Content With New C500 Cam

Written by Tony Ibrahim     13/04/2012 | 01:13 | Category: VIDEO CAMERAS

Canon has announced a new video camera capable of recording 4K resolution video.

Canon Pushes 4K Content With New C500 Cam

The new camera is the first step in seeing a rise in 4K compatible content, which over time could influence the sales of compatible 4K (4096x2160) televisions.

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The EOS C500 is currently still in development and, according to Canon's press release, targets "motion picture and high resolution digital production industries."

It is an evolutionary model of the C300, benefitting from raw video capture, 4K raw output and 4:4:4 sampling during 2K (2,048x1080) capture.

The C500's has been optimised to get the most out its 4K uncompressed output when using its EF cinema lenses. When combined with Canon Log Gamma, the cam will capture high quality videos with wide exposure latitude.

Slow motion video recording is a featured extra in both 2K and 4K shooting resolution at frame rates of up to 120p. 

According to TechRadar, the cam is expected to come with a US$32,000 price tag.

A C500 prototype will be displayed at the video and broadcasting equipment exhibition to be held in Las Vegas from the 16-19th of April.