New Slim BenQ Digicams & Camcorders All Under $200

Written by Matthew Lentini     21/09/2011 | 01:59 | Category: VIDEO CAMERAS

BenQ has just added two new compact digital cameras and a slim camcorder to its digicam range that all sell for less than $200.

While all the big camera brands are spreading thin across niche camera types, BenQ is sticking to compact camcorders and digicams for buyers on a budget.

The slim line-up features two new digital compact cameras, both under $200, and a new camcorder that fits Full HD recording into a skinny frame.

Not looking to skimp on quality, the P1410 and S1430 compact cams deliver built-in anti-vibration software and creative shooting modes that are becoming obligatory additives in new cams.

The P1410 houses a 14 megapixel sensor, 7x optical zoom and a 28mm wide angle lens. On the back sits a 460k-pixel 3-inch LCD screen.

The S1430 is aimed at younger keen photographers and also houses 14 megapixels, though optical zoom is limited to 5x. The LCD screen is backed by touch controls and auto-operation functions. An optical image stabiliser coupled with the image stabilising software keeps images blur-free.

They don't deliver the full suite of compact functions like Full HD video recording, but they do have a handsome array of features for budget digicams.

Jump over the page for BenQ's latest Full HD camcorder that sits just under $200.

The new camcorder is the M23 - a 1080p-recording camera backed with a 5 megapixel CMOS sensor and 5x optical zoom.

Two SD card slots are thrown into the build to ensure maximum storage, where the camera automatically switches over to a second SD card when the other is filled.

Smart features are coupled into the M23, functioning straight off the 3-inch touch screen display that folds out. Touch Exposure is one such feature that allows users to touch the area in the frame they want to adjust exposure for to automatically optimise the levels (similar to touch-focus features on other higher-end cameras).

There's also motion detection to automatically start recording when something moves in the frame and a night filming mode that optimises video performance at night, aided by an LED torch built in.

The M23 retails for $199, followed closely by the P1410 digicam at $179 and the S1430 for $149.