Swann Underwater SportsCam Dives To 20 Metre Depth

Written by Matthew Lentini     04/05/2011 | 23:44 | Category: VIDEO CAMERAS

Swann has released a waterproof mini-cam that shoots moderate quality video for a moderate price.

Swann Underwater SportsCam Dives To 20 Metre Depth
SportsCam with waterproof casing
Swann, which mainly focuses on security and monitoring, recently released the SportsCam DVR-460 with the ability to shoot video and capture stills at up to 20 metres underwater.

It retails at $149, slightly lower than similar offerings from Kodak and Samsung, though the quality doesn't quite hit the same benchmark.

The best video picture you'll pull out of a SportsCam is a 640 x 480 resolution AVI file, running at 30 frames per second - fair quality for YouTube and Facebook uploading, but nothing special for watching on a HD flatscreen. Photos are a little improved at 1280 x 960 resolution, though still not high resolution.

While other cameras have in-built weatherproof fascias and casings, the SportsCam comes with an external waterproof case that adds to the size. On the bright side, it also adds to the depths you can take the camera down to, as low as 20 metres.

Another perk is the range of attachments that come with the camera, including sports clips, straps and mountings for attaching the cam to the user, helmets, bikes and all other equipment while filming.

The small unit, measuring 50mm x 19mm x 20mm and weighing only 40 grams, doubles as a USB webcam, and a microSD card slot (up to 16GB) makes it simple to share files.

The company claims 2.5 hours of recording time on a single charge.

The Swann SportsCam is currently available from consumer electronics retailers like Dick Smith Electronics at an RRP of $149.