BenQ To Release New White eSports Mice In Limited Supplies

Written by Fergus Halliday     16/03/2017 | 12:46 | Category: ACCESSORIES

BenQ have announced that their Zowie EC1 and EC2 esports mice will be getting a special glossy variants that swaps out the darker color scheme of the original products for a cleaner white aesthetic.

BenQ To Release New White eSports Mice In Limited Supplies
What's more, the company say that the new mice won't just look different but also feel different.

According to them, they're "designed for gamers that prefer the grip and the feeling that the glossy surface provides."

"The white colour was selected to prevent the sweat and finger print marks from being easily noticeable after use," they say.

However, there is a catch. They'll only be available in limited quantities from select outlets that stock Zowie-branded products.

BenQ advise those interested in picking up one of the new mice to watch the company's social media accounts for further updates, including more details on price and availability.

While BenQ have certainly put their dedicated eSports monitors at the front and center of their Zowie gaming sub-brand, they're quickly adding to the mix with other accessories.