CES 2016:Logitech Top End Gaming Mouse Gets Major Upgrade

Written by David Richards     08/01/2016 | 03:33 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Logitech's popular G502 Proteus mouse has just got a massive upgrade among the new features is customisable lighting.

CES 2016:Logitech Top End Gaming Mouse Gets Major Upgrade
The new G502 Proteus Spectrum will now feature full RGB control, allowing you to choose from 16.8 million colors with the company's software. You'll be able to choose a specific colour or use lighting effects to continuously cycle through the color spectrum. If lights aren't you thing, you can disable lighting altogether.

The Logitech G502 still retains its awesome PMW3366 optical sensor, which offers a DPI range from 200 to 12,000 with zero acceleration, smoothing, or pixel rounding. This means the mouse is insanely accurate and it works. I've been using the original G502 at work, which features the same optical sensor, and love it for its excellent tracking and ergonomics.

To make sure tracking is optimised for different surfaces and mouse pads, the Logitech Gaming Software app allows you to calibrate your mouse by holding the left click button and moving the mouse around in a figure eight pattern.

Physically, the new G502 Proteus Spectrum is identical to the previous mouse and still features comfortable rubber grips on the side. On the bottom of the mouse, you'll find a magnetic cover that lets you access the mouse's weights. Add or remove weights to tweak the feel of the mouse to your liking.

Pricing is expected to remain the same.