PlayStation VR May Launch Later Rather Than Sooner In 2016

Written by Martin Kovacs     17/02/2016 | 14:52 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Sony's virtual reality PlayStation VR headset may be launching later rather than sooner this year, depending on how you interpret comments from GameStop CEO Paul Raines.

PlayStation VR May Launch Later Rather Than Sooner In 2016Discussing the launch of upcoming virtual reality products in an interview with Fox Business, Raines stated that GameStop "will launch the Sony product this fall".

This could place the PlayStation VR's release some time during or after September.

Sony, however, has yet to lock in an official launch date for its VR offering, with Sony's PlayStation Australia website stating only that it will arrive in 2016.

Virtual reality is poised for growth this year and competition in the sector is set to be intense with a number of major product releases on the way, including offerings from Oculus and HTC.

Oculus Rift pre-orders opened at the beginning of January and will start shipping March 28. Meanwhile, the HTC Vive is slated to arrive in April, with pre-orders commencing at the end of February.

Virtual reality is set to take off in the coming years, with Juniper Research last year forecasting that virtual reality headset shipments will approach 30 million globally by 2020, compared to just over 3 million in 2016.