Razer Nabs Transformers Licence To Flog Hasbro Gear

Written by Matthew Lentini     05/10/2011 | 04:51 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Gaming accessory-maker Razer has teamed up with Hasbro to cross-promote Transformers 3 with a range of rebadged accessories without the marked-up price tags.

Razer Nabs Transformers Licence To Flog Hasbro Gear
It's common knowledge that every self-respecting geek has a special place for Transformers, whether it's the 80s original or the new box office sensations. The most recent rendition, Transformers 3, was less than sensational, but that didn't stop it garnering a new load of millions.

Following that success comes the Blu-ray and DVD releases, and Razer is coming in on the release action with PC peripherals including mice, mousepads and laptop cases, all toting the iconic Transformers logo. But unlike their previous strategy, the company isn't using the Hasbro icon to mark up prices.

Rolling out this quarter for $79.95 is a rebadged Razer DeathAdder mouse which is one of Razer's mid-range mice, behind the keener options like the Mamba. There's no sneaky added premium on the usual price for these new options, unlike the Dragon Age II edition of the same mouse which goes for $89.95.

The Transformers editions come in four colours and designs to mimic different characters, including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron and Shockwave.

There's also a matching mouse pad to go with new mice that sells for $49.95, sporting a gell-filled wrist wrest and more Transformers fodder on the front.

Still awaiting local pricing is a Transformers-stamped laptop case for notebooks up to 15 inches, made of flexible plastic and a soft-lined inside. It's currently stamped with a US price of $49.99.