Edifier's New 2.1 Has Gamers In Its Sights

Written by Tony Ibrahim     05/12/2011 | 01:11 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Edifier has released a space conscious 2.1 sound system designed specifically with gamers in mind.


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The X600 consists of a 6.5 inch subwoofer that burbles with bass and adds depth to otherwise flat gaming sound. The woofer will add that punch during climactic gaming sequences, such as car explosions and the spine-tingling sound of a bullet piercing metal.

Complementing the 'woofer are two 2-way satellites which focus on the high and mid tones. They incorporate paper coned mid-range drivers and PV membrane domed tweeters.

The system connects through a standard 3.5 mm axillary input, making it compatible with computers, gaming consoles, televisions and even smartphones.

Available from Harvey Norman, Domayne & Joyce Mayne, Edifier's X600 will retail for $99.95.