Plantronics Takes Gaming Serious With 7.1 Headset

Written by Tony Ibrahim     03/09/2012 | 02:06 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Plantronics is taking gaming seriously.

At the serious end of gaming, the stakes are high enough to warrant the fastidious obsessing over what configuration gun you're using, which bullets and what skills your player has.

Back in reality, the gamer arranges their chair and layout for the sake of ergonomics. But there are always things that cannot be controlled, and this includes the disruptive, counterproductive ambient noise.

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In this war the gamer has a new artillery option and we think it's just as proficient as Call of Duty's AK47. It's called the GameCom Commander and it's a headphone equipped with noise cancellation technology.

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It uses Dolby technology to create a virtual 7.1 experience. This helps players determine the direction of footsteps and the trajectory of bullets, which is information vital to identifying where the enemy is attacking you from.

Plantronics has also used their 'best audio and voice technologies' to ensure gamers hear every command. For those who aren't aware, Plantronics' tech was good enough for NASA as the late Neil Armstrong uttered the famous words "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" into one of their headsets.

Ergonomic styling has seen it equipped with comfortable padding and a sturdy chassis. It also features easily accessible controls, breakaway cords and includes a custom carrying case for convenient storage and transport.

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Plantronics' limited edition GameCom Commander Headset is compatible with PCs and is available for preorder now for $349 from EB Games and JB HiFi.

GameCom Commander features:

· Unparalleled noise isolation technology
· Dolby® Pro Logic® IIx and  Dolby Headphone technologies for a realistic 7.1 experience
· Superior professional grade fit and comfort with over-the-head ruggedized design
· Quick connect controls to PC, mobile or tablet with breakaway cords
· Numbered Limited Edition
· Case for tournament travel and storage
· Adhesive headband strip for branding and personalization