Cooler Master Headset Hails Surround Sound Storm On Gamers

Written by Matthew Lentini     10/10/2011 | 23:16 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Cooler Master (CM) has released a 5.1 channel surround sound gaming headset, going up against gaming peripheral heavyweights like Razer and Turtle Beach but winning on price.

Cooler Master Headset Hails Surround Sound Storm On Gamers
The CM Storm Sirus sits relatively cheaply at $139, with eight drivers sitting across two large ear cups alongside a noise-cancelling microphone and a 'tactical mixing console' for mixing the eight sound channels on the fly.

The closed-back headphones are equipped with four drivers per ear that deliver 5.1 channel audio. Each ear houses three 30mm speakers and a 40mm subwoofer.

The interchangeable earpads allow users to switch between leatherette ears for better noise cancellation or a breathable micro fibre set. Leatherette will usually bake your ears during long gaming sessions, while fibre will usually leak sound - in any case, the options are a sweet touch.

The biggest perk with this set is the detachable inline controller for customising each channel's sound - what CM dubs the tactical mixing console. The tweaking isn't as intricate as some of the more expensive competitors, though the physical layout looks like it makes the process a lot simpler.

 CM is distributed in Australia through Rectron, Australia IT and DMA.