Sony PS4 Interface In Photos, The Future of Gaming

Written by Tony Ibrahim     05/03/2013 | 01:44 | Category: CONSOLE

Photos of Sony's PlayStation 4 interface reveal the console's social genetics and its tight relationship with smartphones and tablets.

Sony PS4 Interface In Photos, The Future of Gaming

Sony has shared screenshots of its PlayStation console and we're positively giddy with joy. We've been told the PS4 will be an orgy of cutting edge tech and socially friendly, but these new pics vividly paint how easy it will be to game with your friends, whether it's from the console, a smartphone or a tablet.

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The first picture is presumably what you'll see when you turn the PS4 on. (Remember, Sony claim the new console is powerful enough to boot instantly.) Cursory inspections give us the impression it's a mix of Microsoft's Metro UI with Sony's Xperia theme, but make no mistake: we like it.

Evidently the 'hero' game generates a variety of options, including a "News Feeds" and "Shared Media." Presumably these sections show your friend activity and the in-game footage they've shared with you respectively.

News Feed

Tapping the share button on the PS4 controller generates the share screen.

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The "Broadcast Video" option is particularly interesting as it shows a video feed of whoever is playing at the bottom corner. Tech site Pocket-lint presumes the PS4 "is going to support voice as well as video chat during live gameplay." Now wouldn't that add some intimacy to online gaming?

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Based on the following picture, the PS4's live video feed can be viewed on your smartphone (and tablet), provided the PS4 application installed.

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Profiles have undergone a drastic makeover and can finally be viewed on your smartphone and tablet too.

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The interface inspires confidence and it does wet our appetite, but what we're all really waiting for are photos of the console itself. Tune back later for more. 

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