Sony PlayStation 4 Failing Major Blue Line Of Death Issue

Written by David Richards     19/11/2013 | 08:16 | Category: CONSOLE

Struggling consumer electronics company Sony has a major problem with several of its new PlayStation 4 consoles failing as soon as they're unboxed or not long after.

Sony PlayStation 4 Failing Major Blue Line Of Death Issue

The "bue line of death" problem is similar to the Xbox 360 "red ring of death" problem that forced Microsoft to stump up $1.2B to fix the problem.

This morning Sony's support forums are littered with threads, some more than a dozen pages long, devoted to hardware glitches that caused the new PlayStation 4 console to reset and display a blinking blue light. Additionally...issues with the console's physical HDMI connection.

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A PS4 showing a blue failure light

The often vocal CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment in Australia Michael Ephraim has commented on the issue.

Sony has moved to stop sales in some channels, it is not known whether Australia is one of those channels.

Yesterday Sony was telling everyone it had pre-sold over a million PlayStation 4 units but today they are not saying how many complaints they have received from customers

Videos of systems exhibiting the error are all over YouTube.

A Sony support site posted a troubleshooting guide on the company's official forums at the weekend. In it, Sony says the pulsing blue light could indicate errors with any of the following:

TV compatibility
Issues with PS4 power supply
Issues with PS4 hard drive
Issues with other PS4 hardware

The support page recommends turning off the PS4 completely and holding the power button for at least seven seconds, disconnecting the system's AC power cord or checking for visibly damaged parts.

Further problems will require PS4 owners to contact Sony.
The console is set to go on sale in Australia on the 29th of November.

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