Sony PS4 + Microsoft Xbox 720 Coming This Year: Reports

Written by Tony Ibrahim     16/01/2013 | 23:41 | Category: CONSOLE

Multiple corroborating reports suggest new Sony and Microsoft gaming consoles will be launched ahead of Christmas this year.

Sony PS4 + Microsoft Xbox 720 Coming This Year: Reports

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After rubbing shoulders "with a number of companies involved in video game development and distribution," Baird Equity Research suggests next generation Sony and Microsoft consoles will be launched in October and November respectively. If you take their word for it, the consoles will be cheaper than their antecedents with pricing estimated between $350 to $400 in the US.

A pre-Christmas launch would suggest an earlier unveiling. Gameinformer claims Microsoft and Sony will unveil their new consoles at their own Apple-styled events; however, Sony Vice President Hiroshi Sakamoto coyly remarked the new console could be showcased at this year's E3 event. When speaking to Chilean website Emol about the PS4's reveal, he said:

"That's still a big secret, but our friends are preparing Sony PlayStation. I can only say that we are focused on the E3 gaming event, scheduled for June. [An] announcement may be [made] in that minute or even earlier in May."

It's not every year—or every five years for that matter—that Sony and Microsoft reveal their next generation consoles. By way of introducing smaller, lighter and more affordable revisions, Sony and Microsoft's consoles remain relevant for ten years. In fact, Sony's PlayStation 2 only recently retired after twelve years and 150 million sales.

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